Collection: Quote Candles

Our quote candles collection features everything from sarcastic sayings to soppy love messages, with something for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for new home gifts for someone you actually like or a birthday gift for that annoying colleague at work, we’ve got you covered. Whilst we’re proud of our quote candles collection, we also have personalised candles, so you can include that weird inside joke (we’ll try not to judge). Did we also mention how great our quote candles smell, with Oud Wood or Black Pomegranate to choose from?!

If you’ve got a favourite quote from a film, TV show, song or simply just a weird inside joke, then our personalised quote candles are for you. Choose whatever you want to go on our candles, from something brutal to roast one of your friends to a sentimental message for when a card isn’t quite enough, and our team will do the rest. Write up to 40 characters in the order section, it’s that simple!

We know we’re biassed, but our quote candles are great for every occasion. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a birthday, your anniversary, Christmas or anything in between, we’ve got both appropriate and inappropriate choices for all of the above. It doesn’t even have to be a gifting occasion either, if you want a funny candle to go in your bathroom or kitchen then you’re in the right place!

Our quote candles are made with paraffin wax. We’ve tried every wax under the sun and found that these simply smell the best and burn the longest!

Currently you can get our quote candles in either Oud Wood or Black Pomegranate, both of which smell incredible. Our candles might be a bit offensive at times but one thing is for sure, the smell isn’t!