Collection: Funny New Home Gifts

Looking for funny new home gifts to wind up your friends who’ve trapped themselves in a mortgage for the rest of their life (who you’re potentially jealous of)? Well, look no further. If you’re not into the soppy classic gifts or think they’ve probably already been gifted five cheese boards, a rude candle makes a great new home gift. We think we’ve pretty much got everything covered, but if you want that awkward inside joke on the candle, you can put whatever you want on our personalised candles, we won’t judge. So, look no further for all of your gifts for new homes

Is the pope catholic? Everyone loves a candle for their new home, so as a gift, you can’t go wrong. Plus, when you choose our candles, you get that fun edge of not knowing whether you’re going to get a big laugh or a slightly offended new home owner. Not to mention, our candles smell fantastic, so you know they’ll be put to good use.

Depending on how much you like the person, you can spend as much or as little as you’d like on a gift for their new home! We like to think £19.99 is a pretty great ballpark, or if you really like them, why not throw one of our new home gifts into a hamper with a few other bits to make it extra special.

If the person you’re buying the new home gift for isn’t a mortgage wanker but is renting instead, it’ll be no use getting them something for the wall when they’re not allowed to hang it up! So, in our opinion, food, drinks and our candles are all pretty great new home gifts for renters.

Our personal favourite from our new home candle collection is “Please Don’t Do Coke In The Bathroom.” A bit risque? Yes. Potentially deters people from actually doing it? Unknown. Protects you from any liability? Absolutely. If it’s your grandparents that you’re getting the new home gift for, maybe give Candid a miss on this one…