Collection: Bridesmaids Gifts

Need the perfect bridesmaids gifts for your bridal party proposals, or to say thanks to your besties before the big day? You’re in the right place. We’re Candid, the home of funny and often inappropriate gifts for bridesmaids to help make your friends laugh or to reminisce on the good old days. Our collection of candles features plenty of choice, but feel free to include that inside joke or awkward nickname with one of our personalised candles for your bridesmaids gifts (we won’t judge, much). Whether you want to be a nice friend or get a guaranteed laugh, our bridesmaids gifts are the perfect choice. 

When it’s your wedding day, you can do whatever you want technically, although we all know that weddings can get quite political. So, on that basis, usually you would get your bridesmaids a gift. Bridesmaid proposals are a good chance to get a little gift, or you might do a little hamper to give them on the big day as a thank you for being there with you. Or, if you simply want to get a funny bridesmaid gift as a lasting memento, then you’re in the right place.

Our funny candles are ideal no matter the occasion! That’s totally up to you. Our bridesmaids gifts are ideal for popping the question of whether someone will be your bridesmaid, plus it’s a perfect keepsake to help them remember the moment. Whether you want to arrange a nice evening with your besties and give them their bridesmaids gifts together or keep it low-key and personal and just give them a little thank you bridesmaid gift on your wedding day, there’s never a bad time to give out your gifts for bridesmaids.

In our opinion, £19.99 is a pretty perfect ballpark when it comes to the cost of your bridesmaids gifts…

Who doesn’t love a candle?! We’ve all heard of the traditional bridesmaids gifts like a personalised hanger for their dress or a bracelet, and whilst these are lovely bridesmaids gifts, at Candid we like to mix things up a bit. Choosing candles as your bridesmaids gifts is something a bit different and it’s a perfect opportunity to make your besties laugh or to roast them with an inside joke. Bridesmaids gifts don’t have to be boring, which we’re proving at Candid.