Collection: Offensive Candles and Gifts

If you're looking for offensive candles, whether to give sarcastically or just for someone you genuinely don't like and want to purposely offend, you've come to the right place! Our range of offensive candles make the perfect gift for either instance, and contain messaging that varies from mildly offensive sweary candles through to downright vulgar Valentines Day gifts. Whilst we think our range of offensive candles are rude enough to gift, if you don't see something you like, then you can also opt for our personalised candle. Do your absolute worst on the messaging - we'll print whatever you want without judgement (but with probable laughter). Our offensive candles are sure to get a reaction; worst case, if they hate it, at least it smells nice! 


Whilst our offensive candles are pretty self-explanatory, we do get a surprising number of questions about them. If there's anything we've forgotten or you have any more questions, then feel free to contact us!

FAQ's About Our Offensive Candles

The burn time for our offensive candles varies but they tend to get around 40 hours burn time on average, although this can be anywhere from 35 up to 60 hours of sweet-smelling yet offensively messaged victory!

In our humble opinion, no. But having said that, we have a sense of humour (hence the creation of our offensive candles). Whilst we're big advocates of offensive gifts and sarcasm in general, we wouldn't suggest gifting our offensive candles to recipients who are likely to be easily offended, or as we like to term them 'fucking snowflakes'. You likely know the recipient of your chosen candle, whether you’re buying an Anniversary gift or you need to find the right Secret Santa gift for that annoying coworker. So, use a bit of common sense in judging whether it's likely to seriously offend or go a bit too far, but not in a funny way.

Yes, none of our offensive candles or their ingredients have been tested on animals and all products are 100% cruelty free. The practice of testing on animals is frankly barbaric and disgusting and is something we could never condone. We're very sarcastic people but this is something (probably the one thing come to think of it) that we take extremely seriously. We much prefer animals to people to be honest

All of our offensive candles are made with paraffin wax, we trialled soy wax, but we much prefer the scent we can achieve with paraffin.