Collection: Rude and Funny Candles

Our rude and funny candles are here to bring some levity and sheer sarcasm to gifting, in a world where everything can seem excessively serious! They're not merely for lighting up a space; but our funny candles are designed to deliver laughs, and to reinforce a sense of humour that we hope is still out there in the world. Whether you want to achieve that shock factor when you give one of our rude candles, or you want to add a touch of humour to your home for your next social gathering, these funny candles are the perfect solution. Plus, all of our candles smell incredible, even if we do say so ourselves!


Whilst our rude candles are pretty self-explanatory, we do get a surprising number of questions about them. We've written these FAQs to stop you having to bother us with the same questions over and over again about our funny candles. If there's anything we've forgotten then feel free to contact us with any further questions.

FAQ's About Our Funny Candles

All of our funny candles are 30cl, which is the Goldilocks of candles – not too big, not too small, but just right for setting the mood in your home. You can get around 40 hours worth of burn time from our rude candles, which means 40 hours of admiring the offensive and hilarious labels on our candles!

Our funny candles are ideal no matter the occasion! When Valentine’s Day gifting rolls around, if you’re not super soppy and would rather get a laugh out of your partner, then our funny candles are the way to go. Got a birthday to buy for and happy to take the risk of someone getting that bit offended? Look no further than our rude candles. Is that annoying coworker finally leaving and you want to give them an apt goodbye with a new job gift? You know what to do. We’ve also got anniversaries, new home gifts, personalised choices and Christmas covered with our funny candles, so make your life easier and rely on Candid for all your gifting needs!

All of our rude and funny candles are made with paraffin wax. We did trial using soy wax, but to be honest they just didn't smell as nice as the paraffin wax did so we went back to using a classic wax and so far, so good!

At the moment our rude and funny candles come in two scent varieties - Oud Wood and Black Pomegranate. Both of them smell incredible so we wouldn't want to be you trying to choose between them to be honest. And yes, we have absolutely ripped off bigger and way more expensive brands when creating our candle scents...also known as "been inspired by". Our rude candles are definitely offensive and sometimes slightly outrageous, however one thing is for sure, they always smell impeccable.